Secure Online Age

Storeks provides an easy checkout experience while keeping your site up to date with the latest age regulations in your industry.

Versatile Tools for
Modern Age Verification.

Stay compliant

More than 90% of customers are verified instantly with our extensive database of trusted records and intelligent .

Instantly verify

Keep up to date with the latest FDA age requirements, state laws and merchant account policies. Our verification rules are .

Integrate with any site

Reduce cart abandonment and customer frustration over competing systems. Customers are verified directly on web.

How it works


Verify Persoal Information

First, Enter required information to verify identity and age.

Upload ID (if required)

User will be asked to take a LIVE photo or Video for verification purposes.

ID Upload And Selfie
With ID

The user will be prompted to take a selfie ad our AI technology will compare the live Photo with the id submited to verify the identity of the User is the identity on the ID.

Comply with regulations
FDA Regulations

All of our settings are adjustable and relevant to U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s specifications, allowing you to deploy a successful online compliance program in minutes and just a few clicks.

Block Cities And Localities

Enforce age blocks across the US down to the county, city, or ZIP code. Use our locality preset or customize your own settings.

Merchant Account Policies

Financial service onboarding requirements now include third-party age verification for ecommerce merchants subject to legal age restrictions. Improve not only your legal compliance but also your eligibility to enter business partnerships or qualify for more favorable terms.

Maximize conversion
Leverage The Power Of Our Network

Our large database of existing buyers ensures that most customers are verified instantly. Customers who have already ordered on another website can be instantly verified on any website using Storeks Verifications.

Ensure That All customers Can Be Verified

For orders requiring photo ID verification, customers can take a picture using their webcam or mobile camera, upload an image file, or receive a text so they can complete the verification on their smartphone (if ordering from a computer without a camera).

Keep data secure
Personal Data Protection

We take privacy and security very seriously. Customer information is submitted over a secure network and protected by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. The information we collect is used solely for age verification and is never sold or shared.

ID Submissions And Repeats

Photo ID submissions are automatically deleted after our verification process. We only securely store customer information such as name and date of birth in a private offline database so that we can recognize those customers in the future and skip the ID prompt. Repeat customers are recognized not just on your site, but across our network.